Sunday, October 12, 2014


DAY 12 - OCTOBER 12 

Do you sit with your kids to read?  Do you sit with your kids to do homework?  It's time consuming indeed, but I have seen it from first hand that it makes a big difference accademecially and emotionally speaking. I'm no psychologist, thought I did take three psychology classes back in college including a child development course.  I speak from experience, both in being a daughter and a mother.  
In being a daughter, I remember loving the process of learning.  Most subject were so easy to me that I ended up skipping two grades back in elementary.  Unfortunately, that was exactly the fall of my academic life.  I was raised only by my mother who was very busy juggling work and single parenting issues.  She probably thought I was smart enough to take on school all by myself.  To my frustration, the second time I skipped a grade, school just took me down!  It was not until high school that my love for learning resurfaced again graduating with silver honors.  I can't help but think that if I would've had more academic support from my mom my school experience would've been more successful.
So in being a mother, I've tried my best to be involved 100% percent. I have been blessed with kids that excel beyond expectations at school and I take it as my responsibility to make sure that it stays that way. They are raw diamonds. Dirty dishes, laundry and floors can wait after bedtime. My priority is sitting down with them while they do their homework, reading together and reviewing afterwards.  It's quite on a task. My 4th grader doesn't require as much of my time, but I'm still here and he knows he can count on me.  Yes, it's the teacher job to teach them at school.  But it's a parent's job to make sure that the kids succeed as much as they can in all that they do. I intend to keep it this way till the end of high school (College will be a different story).  After all, spending time together is creating memories. The way I see it, is a win-win situation. It is not smothering in any way (specially if you know me), but instead it is parenting with a purpose.

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  1. I just found your blog through 31 days. I love this topic and this post. I agree. We don't have to be homeschoolers to be involved in our children's academics. Thanks for sharing.