Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Are you an overbearing parent?  Gosh, I really hope not to ever be one.  As much as I love being in control I know I can't control everything. I try hard not to be judgmental because we all have our very own parenting style.  But sometimes, well sometimes is just too hard. There may be a thin line between trying to help our kids and butting in a bit too much.  Where do we draw the line?  The worst that we could do is make our kids believe that we can magically grant every single one of their wishes.  We're no genies nor do our kids have the magic lamp.  
As as I wrote in yesterday's blog, letting our kids experience hurt and sadness is just as important as letting them enjoy happiness.  I've been thinking about this after finding out that our drama teacher got bombarded with calls, emails, texts and even parents' visitation after some kids didn't get a call back for the musical.  I guess they thought that calling the main director will change the ruling of 7 judges.  In my opinion, actions like this just expose our kids and makes them more vulnerable.  

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