Thursday, February 14, 2013


The big V-Day is finally here!  Some love it (mostly girls), some hate it, and others are completely indifferent.  I choose to see beyond the commercial spectrum (though I love shopping) and focus to rejoice in the beauty of love.  V-Day for me is not just about my wonderful loving husband whom I willingly choose to love forever every single day, but is also about my beautiful kids who are so perfectly imperfect.  Is about my friends with whom I travel the journey called life.  Is about my parents and my siblings because they’re my family.  Is about every blessing received, every lesson learned, every moment lived.  At the end of the day V-Day for me is about God, the center of my life and whose love surpasses any and all understanding.  God is LOVE!  Go and share his love with some one else today. Happy Valentines!

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